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This blog is supposed to be fun, informative and casual.  Yes, there is news about real estate in general and La Cañada Flintridge, California, in particular.  But sometimes I just post about things that happen to me or mean something to me.  I am still learning about blogs so please excuse messy formatting, no formatting or weird formatting.  And the same goes for the posts themselves.

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Movin’ On

I love the fact that my new listing in La Canada started life as a lot I sold to a young family nearly twenty years ago.  I was drawn to this family immediately.  Candy and I shared a slightly bent, hippie look on life, and Ron was an emotional, enthusiastic man with a quick wit and an equally quick smile.  Their young kids, one a daughter my son’s age, and the other a bright-eyed four-year-old, were absolute delights.  They were serene yet mischeivous.  I loved them.

But I couldn’t close a deal.  We were in escrow three times.  Every time the inspection would reveal an unsurmountable problem.  I remember a driveway too steep for the family car to navigate without scraping.  Drainage issues.  Asbestos.  Other things.  Everything would start out well in each transaction, then deteriorate. Ron would call, and every time he’d say, “I have a little problem with this house.”  My heart would sink.   I grew to think I would never close an escrow; I know they felt the same.

Then one day someone suggested building.  We were off to find a lot, and unbelievably the perfect one was available directly across the street from my own house.  We closed the transaction and one of La Canada’s premier architects designed a yummy four bedroom-house with the most beautiful staircase.

Can you find the cat?


Now the kids are in their twenties and thirties.  One has a PhD in Psychology, the other, trained at Carnegie Mellon, is a budding actor on his way to New York.  An elderly parent has moved in.  A dog has been replaced by another.  The household has acquired three cats.  Ron has been very successful;  Candy has myriad interests and several at-home businesses and hobbies.

I was thrilled the family called me, that they remembered me, that they wanted me in their lives again.

They have exciting new plans.  I will stay back and mourn the end of that particular era.  If you are the buyer of this house, know that there are many happy memories there, many custom touches like Candy’s hand-made stained peacock windows or her custom-designed and painted tiles around the tub.  You can see all the impeccable upgrades, the bold red tiles in the kitchen, the high-end appliances, the brand-new paint, the shelves filled with glasses of lovingly home-dried fruit, carefully lined-up.  I tell Candy to put some of them out on the counter:  they are so beautiful.  Her eyes well with tears when she talks about leaving.  But it is time.  Movin’ on.

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