Welcome to all the news in La Canada real estate!

So, ok, just pretend this was my first post because it was supposed to be until I got the brilliant idea to discuss change and how it relates to Nakarat Orange.

That’s why the welcome title.

Did you know the Town Center is in escrow to a new buyer?  Yes!  IDS Real Estate Group has bought the 13-acre shopping center.  So why should we be interested in this?  Because despite years, and I mean like more than ten, of planning, discussing, going back to the drawing board a hundred thousand times, community fights, developer intrigue, architect after architect, the final product, the Town Center, has been a bit of a disappointment. It opened nearly three years ago to great fanfare. The anchor store, Sport Chalet, which used to be a friendly group of store fronts with an old-timey feel, became a mall-like megastore with no soul.  Buildings which sprouted around a series of ugly parking lots promised interest but failed to deliver.  There was a lot of perimeter but no center to the Center.  Today there are still vacancies, probably due to the high per-square foot lease price required even in today’s depressed commercial market.  So it is exciting news indeed that the new owners are committed to making the Town Center a vibrant place to walk and meet and greet.  According to the La Cañada Outlook, Olberz Park will be expanded and used as a place for more community gatherings in the future.  The new owners expect to attract more tenants with its forward-looking, all-inclusive approach to the space.   Before they carry me away on my shield,  I want to look up and see them take that For Lease sign out of the window.  Anytime now, guys. 

Sport Chalet in Town Center


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