The Most Expensive Listing in La Canada, Part One

I’ve always wanted to write an offer to purchase with the sales price $12,200,000.  Today that will buy you the most expensive listing in La Canada.  Ever.  So this is our chance.  We don’t even have to mean it.  I will hold your hand and we will write it out today, just to give us the satisfaction.  Disclosure:  this is not my listing, so thanks, Janice, for permission to use these pix.

What does 12 million dollars buy you?  Turns out a whole lot.  We (in my mind I’m almost owning this already) have got over an acre of flat perfectly groomed property in the heart of Flintridge on Commonwealth Avenue, just a  block and a half from the main drag.  The front of the house, though perfectly nice, doesn’t really hint at what’s to come.  There’s a driveway, a garage to the right and perpendicular to the front door. 

It’s the back of the house that grabs you.  This is not a yard.  These are GROUNDS.  For $12 million you get a Ronnie Siegel-designed landscape by Sunset Magazine out of Sports Illustrated.  Outdoor kitchen.  Salt-water pool.  Wood-burning fireplace.

Outdoor fireplace

1500 square feet of rolling putting green (I gave up golf after three months because my tennis elbow didn’t realize it had shifted sports). Sixty-seven vines of cabernet sauvignon and seedless table grapes — which is probably sixty-six more vines than I would ever need but I’m not that sure about you.  Perfectly placed (and weed-free) veggies and flowers.  Trees like you find at Blenheim Palace.  Playhouse.  Lighted basketball/ sport court.  Lighted batting cage.  And that’s not even counting the outbuildings.  The grounds are impeccable.  Hotel-quality impeccable.  All totally private.  Not a neighbor in sight.  You could be in Tuscany.  Well I think they have a few more vineyards there but still.  Here’s a shot of just a little part of the grounds.  I am guessing an airplane was involved.

The Grounds

So now for the outbuildings.  I am reading from the flyer:

Theatre complex:  1800 square feet including a theatre/gameroom with automatic screen.  This theatre is big enough to have a name.   Oh, and a music room, full bath and kitchenette, all fully air conditioned.

Pool House:  full kitchen and bath.  Misting system over patio area.

Office Suite:  Two rooms, half bath, fully air conditioned.  I would probably have to have a few more clients to justify this office. 

Three-car garage with custom epoxy-coated floors and central vac system.  My garage is jealous.  Actually my garage could probably fit in the pool house.  And it could be misted at night, saving on the car wash bills.  I feel almost ready to do this, with or without you.

Next blog:  the interior.


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