The Most Expensive Listing in La Canada, Part 2

Did my last post on this beautiful house come across as a bit grasping?  This house is not to be mine.  I am moving on.

When we left off I was finished talking about the exterior.  The interior has all the bells and whistles we expect in a property this expensive.  Three bedroom suites on the second floor.  A master with a grand view of the back grounds.  A room devoted simply to crafts.  A billiard room with heated floors.  Does that affect the trajectory of the balls, I wonder?  A 3000 bottle capacity wine cellar and a tasting room to go with.  Also heated floors.  That can’t be good for the wine.  Right?  Just saying. 

Wine tasting

There’s a library, an office and a mud room.  I am not sure where mud would come into play because mud wouldn’t dare show its face in this place.  I, however, could use a mudroom.  Several, actually. 

Solar power with backup generator.  My husband would kill for that generator.  I am not going to show him this post.

A gym with a full bath.  Not sure you need that after putting on the green and batting in the batting cage.  A fire pole from the second to the first floor just in case the security system from San Marino Security fails.  Or to learn pole dancing if nothing else.

One of my favorite rooms is the music room.  But the great room with its amazing entertainment center is pretty stunning.  Not sure what this room is though I have labelled it the great room I don’t think it is.  Whatever.  Enjoy it.

Great Room

  When we were in there we all commented on the Carlisle Old Growth walnut floors.  Not that we knew they were old growth; not that we know what that means.  But they are luscious.  The kitchen is really and truly the heart of the house.

The flyer says there’s a roof deck but I think I missed that.  I could go on into next week but pretty soon I have to go out and show other property.  Time to get on with Real Life.  I am so over this house.


2 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Listing in La Canada, Part 2

  1. Could be. And I didn’t mention these rooms are in the basement. Not that it gets damp down there. Damp would not be let near this house.

    Saw a house in Pasadena today I like even better! What is the matter with me? And at less than half the price.

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